Monday, March 18, 2019

Katy Perry represented a completely new style - the new hairstyle is perfect for the stars

The singer arrived at the gala in a 50-year-old look. Singer star Katy Perry , 34, has had time to experiment with a wide variety of hair styles during her public career. The woman has seen both black, green, purple and vivid hair.

Over the past few years, Perry has enjoyed his short hair that has dressed him up nicely. At the weekend, the beauty represented a stunningly fabulous iHeartRadio Awards. She was wearing a 50-year-old screen dress and Mary Jane-style shoes in a pair of white socks.

The stars in the hair were in a pedal and curled up in style. The black article crowned the whole. In Instagram, a woman has been found to resemble, for example, singer Gwen Stefania .

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